The company “TOZA MARKOVIĆ” d.o.o. Kikinda is the largest and oldest producer of construction materials made of baked clay in Serbia; at the same time, the largest brick company in Southeast Europe. The company was founded by Mihael Bohn in 1866, the progenitor of brickwork and tiling in this region, which is why Kikinda is known as the CAPITAL OF TILES AND CERAMICS, i.e. the center of the brick industry in Serbia.
The company “TOZA MARKOVIĆ” existed and successfully operated in several countries and state systems, sharing the path of Vojvodina and the city of Kikinda, being part of: Hungary; Austria-Hungary; Kingdom of Serbia; Kingdoms of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes; Kingdom of Yugoslavia; German Banat; Federative People's Republic of Yugoslavia; Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The company changed its name over time:

“Bohn Brothers” until 1944;
Brick and tile industry “Toza Marković” until 1959;
Construction material industry “Toza Marković” until 1993;
“Toza Marković” Joint Stock Company until 1998;
Joint Stock Company “Toza Marković” since July 1998,
The ownership transformation (privatization) was carried out in 2006 according to the current law.
“Toza Marković” d.o.o. from August 2016 until today.


Toza Marković

Company location

Kikinda is located in the north of Serbia; on the triple border of the Serbian, Romanian and Hungarian parts of the Banat. The city has 37,676 inhabitants. With nine more settlements – villages; The municipality of Kikinda has close to 59,329 inhabitants. Developed agriculture, construction material industry, metal and chemical industry make Kikinda an important economic, commercial and touristic region. It is the center and seat of the North Banat district.