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Toza Marković Kikinda


• Dimensions: 405 x 245 mm
• Cover dimensions: 335 x 205 mm
• Weight: 2.6 kg
• Slat spacing: approx. 335 mm
• 14.6 tiles are needed for 1m² of roof.
• According to SRPS EN 539-2, in terms of frost resistance, it corresponds to zone B.

• Depending on the climatic conditions, the slope of the roof is projected, but not less than 22°. The roof is covered from right to left, starting from the eaves towards the ridge of the roof (tiles are laid in a straight line).
• In the case of a slight slope of the roof plane of less than 22° and the use of the attic space, the use of roofing foil is mandatory.
• If necessary, it is possible to fasten the tiles to the slats by riveting or tying them with wire.


Ventilation tile VT-002

Underwater tile PC-002

Snow tile SC-002

End right tile ZD-002

End left tile ZL-002

Three-pronged groove – TKS 182

End groove ZSG-182

Face plate FP-182

Groove M-184

End left groove ZLS-184

End right groove ZLD-184

Transition groove PS-182

Summary catalog of coarse ceramics by Toza Marković.

Summary catalogue
Toza Marković Kikinda