Quality policy

The basic determination and continuous aspiration of Toza Marković doo Kikinda is to achieve greater economy and efficiency of business and complete satisfaction of customer requirements with the range and top quality of its products. To realize its basic commitment, Toza Marković doo Kikinda has set itself the following tasks:

-Orientation towards customers;

following their requests,

by expanding the range of products,

by constant quality improvement,

by reducing the number of complaints.

-Maximum commitment of the management to the development and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system;

-Openness for all interested parties (customers, suppliers, employees, society and the public) in quality improvement;

– Quality planning,

Setting quality goals and monitoring their achievement (increasing the market share of Toza Marković doo Kikinda, developing new technologies and products, reducing costs, reducing scrap, continuous improvements);

-Regular review of the quality management system, collection, recording and analysis of importance for improvements and improvements;

– Provision of resource management; both infrastructure and human resources, whereby special attention is paid to education, training, competence and knowledge of employees; as well as the provision of human and physical factors of the workforce.