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Toza Marković Kikinda


• Dimensions: 405 x 230 mm
• Cover dimensions: 290-200 x 190 mm
• Weight: 2.6 kg
• Slat spacing: approx. 290-200 mm
• Quantity of tiles required for 1m² of roof area:
a) 18.2 pieces at a slat spacing of 290 mm
b) 26.3 pieces at a slat spacing of 200 mm

• According to SRPS EN 539-2, in terms of frost resistance, it corresponds to zone B.

• Depending on the climatic conditions, the slope of the roof is projected, but not less than 25°. The construction of the tiles allows installation with batten spacing of 200 mm to 290 mm. It is recommended to lay tiles at a batten spacing of 280 mm. The roof is covered from right to left, starting from the eaves towards the ridge of the roof (during the installation of tiles, make sure that each subsequent row is moved by half a tile / finished).

• In the case of a slight slope of the roof plane of less than 22° and the use of the attic space, the use of roofing foil is mandatory.
• If necessary, it is possible to fasten the tiles to the slats by riveting or tying them with wire.


End left tile ZL-997

End right tile ZD-997

Half of the final left roof tile of PZL-997

Half of the final right roof tile PZD-997

Ventilation tile VT-997

Snow protection tile SC-997

Antenna tile AC-997

Groove M-184

End left groove ZLS-184

End right groove ZDS-184

Trokraki žljebnjak – TKS 182

Trokraki žljebnjak – TKS 182

Summary catalog of coarse ceramics by Toza Marković.

Summary catalogue
Toza Marković Kikinda